Search engine optimization is essential when planning a website. It is necessary to have an SEO plan and the appropriate strategies to achieve the objectives, as well as the correct metrics to review results and make strategic decisions based on data. “If you can’t meassure it, You can’t manage it”

Our seo agency will help you in the study and development of strategies to obtain a better organic position and therefore more and better visits to your website. We are a digital marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience.

What do we offer as an SEO marketing agency?

  • SEO strategy
  • Website optimization
  • Current Content Optimization
  • SEO Onpage
  • SEO Tracking
  • Heatmap analytics
  • Competitor tracking
  • Content Marketing
  • Link building support

Through digital strategies in each of the mentioned segments, we can obtain favorable results in search engines. Each of the work areas is described below:

SEO strategy

We have the ability to know what are the terms with which you are found and with which users find your competitors. Likewise we can know the topics that people are currently interested in related to your business and based on these we develop appropriate strategies to take advantage of the information found.

Website optimization

Through our digital tools we can know the current status of the website in real time, detecting problems, errors, warnings or modifications that the website requires so as not to harm the user experience or the positioning of the site.

Current Content Optimization

Each of the current pages of the website is a potential means of positioning. Through our digital tools, we can analyze current content, detect areas of opportunity and rewrite texts in order to obtain quality content that improves search engine ranking.

SEO On page

Onpage factors determine the positive experience of our site towards the user and the search engines. In this stage we will check if all the pages of the website are being indexed by the search engines, errors of pages not found, logical architecture of the site, if it is friendly on any device, keyword analysis, meta-tag review, loading speed , among other.

SEO Tracking

We start from the idea that “You cannot manage what you cannot measure” we make sure that any action we take or the strategy we implement goes hand in hand with the reports, metrics appropriate to said strategies.

At this stage we can analyze what keywords your website is currently ranking organically and how much traffic you get from them, as well as continuous monitoring of the site’s positioning in relation to the keyword strategy.

Heatmap Analytics

Nowadays it is possible to understand more accurately the behavior of the user on our website from the visual side. That is why we include analysis of heat maps, which show us which are the contents that most attract the attention of users within the website and which are the ones that are completely ignored. In this way we can do A / B tests to draw the user’s attention in the relevant areas and increase the time spent on the website.

Competitor Tracking

In this work area, we take care of monitoring how the competition is moving in search engine positions with certain keywords. By detecting positive rankings, we can analyze what the competition did to replicate or search for areas of opportunity.

Content Marketing

Our team is dedicated to generating relevant content for search engines and users, as well as training you to develop your own content with the predefined objective of expected search results.

Content marketing is essential to keep a website active and fresh. These actions give positive messages to search engines that constantly index new content and rich texts that give us more value to our positioning.

Link building support

Creating attractive content for your audiences and optimizing SEO On page, are necessary steps to strengthen the website internally, however another important point to promote the positioning we require to “create popularity”, that is, obtain external links, mentions of our site in social networks and blogs.

For this we offer the Linkbuilding Support service, focused on detecting opportunities that can help the website obtain quality links.